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I find that major restorations are almost as satisfying as construction. Every one brings a different set of problems, and solving those problems has taught me a lot that I have been able to use in making new instruments.

Work undertaken includes neck resets, repairing splits, re-bracing, body rebuilds, complete or partial re-finishing, repairing broken headstocks, re-frets, new fingerboards, inlays and of course set ups. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Here is a small selection of some of the many instruments I've worked on.

Carolan experimental guitar

'Carolan' - reset fingerboard angle to make playable

Yari classical

Yari - Top re-braced, reset neck

Fylde steel strung

Fylde - rebuild, add cutaway and convert to left handed (in progress)

Gibson Cromwell Archtop

Gibson Cromwell - rebuild damaged sides, re-finish

Gibson LG

Gibson LG - new top and convert to left handed

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz - replace broken top brace

Dobro Cyclops

Dobro Cyclops - new neck and fingerboard plus inlays

Gretsch 6120

Gretsch 6120 - re-bound fingerboard & re-fret

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