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Hand-built guitars and restorations

Welcome to my website, and thanks for dropping in. I am a professional luthier with over 25 years full-time experience making and repairing guitars and many other stringed instruments, based in the County Durham, UK.

If you are looking for a custom built stringed instrument please come along and have a chat. I have a number of standard models which can be used as a starting point, or if you wish we can create something specific to your needs.

As well as making a variety of guitars and mandolins based on my own designs, customised for each customer, I also specialise in major guitar repairs and restorations. Over the years I have repaired and/or restored all major guitar makes including Martin, Gibson, Guild, Fender, Gretsch, Ramirez, Taylor, Harmony, Stella, Dobro/National, Fylde, Hofner and Rickenbacker. In fact there are not many I haven’t restored, including some fairly esoteric custom made instruments and vintage/antique models. I also build and repair mandolins, mandolas and banjos, and electric guitars and basses

I have built over 140 instruments and performed over 500 major restorations in my career. I wouldn’t like to estimate how many re-frets, neck resets, re-finishes etc I’ve done but I recently noticed that I have issued over 4,000 invoices. Now that makes me feel old!

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